August 22nd 2018 ~ It has been years since there was anything here. Welcome back – if you have known and followed me for this long, from ye olde carnations of my young adult years as a public artist – and HELLO if you are exploring this web space for the first time.
I took a long break to navigate some cerebral labyrinths. I got lost along the way, but here I am, and the marrow of this site will explore and express where it is I went and beyond … back to here, Now; from the within to the without, from myself to the greater reaches of this world we share.
Clinical depression was the beast I battled every day for my entire life. I rode the abstractions and judgements of ‘depression’ in ‘social culture’ for many years and pursued a variety of solutions to unravel the tangles in my mind and body. Some days I could ride a high and conquer and on others I would wake up and not know who I was. Nothing I sought compared to the opening of my heart to communicate this truth with others, the sanctity of art or the humility of time spent in the wilderness – but the best and most successful treatment of all came from a week of microdosing on psilocybin with affirmation and intent to rewire myself from the tireless cycle of horrible inconsistency and deplorable self-sabotaging habits I was spinning in my private life. I highly recommend the book ‘How to Change your Mind’ by Michael Pollan if your curiosity is piqued. He does a remarkable job of unraveling the bullshit that certain countercultural influences have had on this potent medicine. If I ever meet Michael Pollan, I hope he’d be receptive to my giving him the biggest hug of probably his entire life.
I have a wellspring of words to share about this journey and what I witness as a universal epidemic in connection to our disassociation with the natural world and the baggage of language that separates us in our minds – but I’ll digress from that tangent here, and continue to channel those narratives into a greater project.
This website, meanwhile, will be the intimate outlet of the countless hours I poured into my sketchbooks (and let me tell you, I have a decade’s worth of a pile): every thought and feeling and observation that transcribed from my fingers, across every spectrum of mood: from profundity to nonsense. These are as raw and honest as they come. I’ll dash out the names of boyfriends and be respectful to indulging in secrets that are not mine to share. I’ll post intermittently and evolve with this site as I nourish it.
CURRENTLY; I am rooted in Homer, Alaska and tattooing at Exotic Eye Tattoo … to inquire for booking, please
instagram; @spiralunwinding
*I am taking appointments on my own terms and project interests but please don’t be shy to inquire. If you are a client/friend with unfinished work, I invite you to Alaska to get your work finished, or, I request your patience: I am working on an accessible space in Wyoming to continue to tattoo in the next few years. So hold tight!
I invite you to reach out for any clarity that you might need over any open-ended anything (trade, commission, etc.) during all my my past upheavals … I am always open to communication and making things right as needed.
That’s all I got, for now.
I’d like to thank Evan for threading this whole web tapestry together. And I’d like to thank you for being here.