My name is Sarah and I’m a wilderness enthusiast. This web site is mostly my poetic nuances of nature and my ambition is to enchant you out of your divisive mind and back to the source that unites us all. I draw these pages for fun / as an internal outlet / creative expression / adventure & wild life documentation / because I am enamored with the great outdoors. I primarily collaborate with the land scapes of Alaska and Wyoming but grew up in a transient household and love to explore anywhere.

Currently I live with my dog in southeastern Alaska and tattoo out of Exotic Eye Tattoo in Homer. For bookings, you can contact me;

Instagram @ spiralunwinding
E-Mail is spiralunwinding@gmail(dot)com
Flickr @ spiralunwinding

Q: What do you use to make your pages?
A: Microns, mostly, but I have a bag of utensils that I’ll pilfer through per availability; sharpie, pencil, ballpoint pen. I scan each page at 200 dpi and sharpen the contrast for website compatibility..
Q: Can I commission a tattoo from you?
A: I only design tattoos for my clients receiving work from me.

Q: Can I use your art for my tattoo?
A: Sure! Please contact me beforehand and send a photo of the tattoo when it’s finished!

Q: Do you ever tattoo in the lower 48 states?
A: I offer tattooing on a limited and local basis and rarely travel for this work, however, I have future ambitions of re-establishing a private studio space in Wyoming to pick up on work from my previous residence in Ten Sleep. Any updates of this kind will be featured on this page and my instagram account.