Revolutions is a collection of writing and visual narratives that serve as  extensions of my sketch journalism. In honor of accessible, digestible information in quick-access times, every dose in the series is free for download and distribution. I encourage readers to print the material and share it with others. Additionally, if the work resonates with you, please consider the donation button. My intent with Revolutions is to share a perspective and tell a story but ultimately to help guide people through the shifting of our collective ideas and the rapid changes happening around and within us. These are my offerings for the greater good.




Using the do-it-yourself mini comic method, I rendered these 8 panels in response to the undertones of a political movement in Homer, Alaska.  I wanted to create an independent perspective with Stand for Salmon  and also provide an experience by inviting community members to gather and help cut, fold, and pass these little books around town or for keeps.
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