distilling the heavy stream

beWilder is being nurtured care-fully during these lapses of digital interactions. Infrequent posts does not determine idleness as far as my particular passion for this project is concerned. My focus and intention is to curate something with a direct movement and not just glimpses of catch-and-releases that are otherwise best appreciated as sketches; scatters; gatherings; foreshadowing; setup; drafts.

i am moving through the days with a refined precision
hands on the harvests

gathering from this season who spins out of sight now

distilling the messages in the river slipstream

I remember, for as long as I have carried this narrative ~ and for all the ways that it moved, changed, and reinvented alongside every shift and shape of ours;
building momentum and spun into breathing
with a stronger sense for the common ground
the land who I have always heard, so subtle the signals,
who I perceive clearly now ~
and that the ‘timing’ of things is never quite exact to dots in the lines, as far as we have learned to measure the trajectory ~
falsehoods in control
and knowing what I know how, honed by this experience – this 2020 event – and through a great measure of listening and taking the time to heal and understand and connect the threads and fit the missing pieces





feel it all


feel. it. all.


so meanwhile
I gather. I make.
Crafting this work.

and one day, or night – moment or time –

BeWilder will