forward to a sense of spiraling return, and a strength to shine, to keep going.

no judgement no shame
no punishment no game
no judgement no shame
no punishment no game

i know
where to say no
how to say no
when to say no

what blooms
where blooms
when blooms
with Y E S

What is born now, without unexpressed expectations?
Instead ~ conscious commitments?
What speaks now through actions, through hands on place?
Intention ~
I’ll not assume without asking, and I’ll be brave with you ~
I’ll not assume without telling, and I’ll be receptive of you ~
I’ll normalize joy with you ~ I’ll surrender to  pleasure with you ~
I’ll evolve with you ~ I’ll move with you ~
I’ll nurture in desire with you ~
I’ll touch the earth with you ~
by howling for our nature ~
I’ll be within truth because I know how it feels
how-all of it feels

I have come to deeply appreciate the level of openness in conversations of healing and sensitivity in this generation. Long has there existed a turmoil of overwhelming emotion and confusion ~ a pressure to ‘not talk about these things’ ~ and all those generations of stuffed down and repressed truths and feelings, manifesting down the gene-rations in our organs and our hips and our bodies and we pause to listen and hear and understand and look and express and what is spun out in the centrifuge ~

Thank you for being honest.

Thank you for telling your story.

Thank you for being seen.

Thank you for blooming.

Thank you for being wilder.

Thank you for being.