Sarah Frary
she/her (they/them)
Artist & Wilderness Enthusiast (neurodivergent river rover)
Europeana Americano (dutch, german, irish)
on Native Lands (lander, wyoming)

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2023: Bookings are Open
~ Tattooing since 2009 ~ previously operated solo studios: Big Horn Tattoo in Ten Sleep, Wyoming (2010 ~ 2016) & A Muse Ink in Homer, Alaska (2014 ~ 2017)
I currently tattoo out of a private studio space (Bewilder Tattoo) in Lander, Wyoming.
~ All tattoo art is original & either freehanded with sharpie or pre-drawn using Procreate and applied with stencil on the skin, fluid with the body and in the moment, conjured through conversation & connection. Any and all designs are revealed during our appointment after a non-refundable deposit is made. I do not draw tattoos for others to complete. You are welcome to tell me what you want or I can create art on / with / for you. Trust & honest, transparent communication in all ways, always.
~ I offer meditative guidance, reiki / energy releases, crystal healing and intuitive readings with tattoo. This is not at an additional cost and rendered by consent.
~ I invite other persons who are engaged in the healing arts to work while I am tattooing: musicians, acupuncturists, massage therapists, energy weavers, etc. These appointments are made ready by request, availability, and consent from all involved.
~ Outdoor / ceremony / mystery tattoo by donation is offered / is given when it is applicable, safe, and conscious.
~ I am open for guest spots at shops and can be mobile as necessary; I am available to travel for private gatherings / social events.
~ Numbing ointment is not provided at the studio. Client is expected to provide their own and have any surface area prepped before our appointment. 
~ For major session work (such as sleeves & back pieces), I charge $140 an hour (includes drawing / design time) or otherwise price by the piece (dependent on size / location / color: $80 is the minimum; $140 for a roughly hand-sized black outline with detail and no color; $280 for bigger black/grey outlining with detail and additional charges for color.) I can provide rough estimates before our session & I will work with you if you are on a budget. Touch-ups are free.
~ Please contact me for any questions or inquiries and to schedule. Consultations are free and then a $80 non-refundable deposit is required to secure our appointment. This amount comes off the cost of the tattoo when you receive it. I accept cash, card, venmo or paypal.

tattoo offering for Damien Ray
in the presence of Poppotchaashe River
photography by Brandt Apiki