My name is Sarah Frary and I am an Artist and Wilderness Enthusiast. She/they/European American (Dutch, German, Irish). The Spiral Unwinding is the digital foundation for my artistic expressions as well as the home of my interdependent compilations on healing with neurodivergence (ADHD) through the false narrative inherent of our history, called Bewilder.

I am passionate about navigating our cerebral labyrinths for returning to the source of nature: the unifying truth that we all share.

My anthem as a storyteller is for the rewilding of our communications to spark the rewilding of our hearts so that we all might collectively experience and embody an outstanding sense of connection,  collaboration, and creative belonging with ourselves and our more-than-human kin. My ambition is curated with an advocacy for greater protection of the wilderness without us by stewarding with the wilderness within us.

I was raised in a transient family and experienced a constant ache for new horizons in my adolescent years. Art, and quality time with the land, were, and remain, my beloved centers.

My heartlands are Wyoming & Alaska and these ever-changing landscapes infinitely inspire me.

Email; spiralunwinding@gmail(dot)com
Instagram; @spiralunwinding

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