My name is Sarah and I am an Artist and Wilderness Enthusiast. The Spiral Unwinding is the digital foundation for my artistic expressions as well as the home of my independent compilation of publications, Bewilder.
I am passionate about navigating our cerebral labyrinths for returning to the source of nature: the unifying truth that we all share.
My anthem as a creator is for the rewilding of our language: the rewilding of our ideas and definitions to spark the rewilding of our hearts so that we all might collectively experience an outstanding sense of stewardship. My ambition is centered around an advocacy for greater protection of the wilderness without us by tending to the wilderness within us..
I endeavor these efforts and tattoo out of my own space; Shape Shift Studio in Homer, Alaska.
Instagram @spiralunwinding
For professional + tattoo inquiries and feedback, please email;
for Benjiman
September 2013 РJanuary 2019 
Photo taken in the Bighorn Mountains
Ten Sleep, Wyoming