My name is Sarah Frary and I am an Artist and Wilderness Enthusiast. The Spiral Unwinding is the digital foundation for my artistic expressions as well as the home of my interdependent compilations and virtual narrative, Bewilder.
I am passionate about navigating our cerebral labyrinths for returning to the source of nature: the unifying truth that we all share.
My anthem as a creator is for the rewilding of our communications: the rewilding of our ideas and definitions to spark the rewilding of our hearts so that we all might collectively experience an outstanding sense of connection and collaboration. My ambition is centered around an advocacy for greater protection of the wilderness without us by tending to the wilderness within us.
I was raised in a transient family and experienced a constant ache for new horizons in my adolescent years. Art, and time in the woods, were my outlets.
My heartland is Wyoming and that is where I currently thrive and where I choose to root. I stride on Sheepeater grounds (Lander) but previously resided in Ten Sleep for many years and hold an absolute love for the Bighorn Mountains and that rural, feral little town.
I also lived in what is known as Tuggeght (Homer) by the Dena’ina people in Alaska for a substantial amount of time and still nurture a relationship with that place and the community.
And before I flew far and fast to either of these landscapes – I stomped grounds on Cherokee land (Kentucky), where I apprenticed for tattoo and engaged in mural work and performance live art. I continue to visit the area to this day. 
It is wilderness and woodlands that summon my heart where ever I go. Cities have never been home to me. 
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Currently accepting appointments out of Blackblood Tattoo in Lander, WY
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Please do not hesitate to contact me for further inquiry and clarity. All questions and feedback are welcome!
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Instagram; @spiralunwinding