Sarah Frary
she/her (they/them)
Artist • Wombyn Storyteller • Wilderness Enthusiast (queer neurodivergent river rover)
Europeana Americano (dutch, german, irish)
on Native Lands (lander, wyoming)

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~ Drawing since I was a dorky, wyrdo kid and wandered into tattooing in 2009. Previous solo studios: Big Horn Tattoo in Ten Sleep, Wyoming (2010 ~ 2016) & A Muse Ink in Homer, Alaska (2014 ~ 2017). 
I currently tattoo out of a private studio space (BeWilder Tattoo) in Lander, Wyoming.
~ All artwork is original & either freehanded directly with sharpie or pre-drawn using Procreate and applied with stencil on the skin, fluid with the body and in the moment, conjured through conversation & connection. Any and all designs are revealed during our appointment after a non-refundable deposit is made. I do not draw tattoos for others to complete. You are welcome to tell me / show me what you want and I can create art with / for you from this reference. Trust & honest, transparent communication in all ways, always.
~ I offer meditative guidance or prayer, reiki / energy releases, crystal support and intuitive / divination readings with tattoo. This is not at an additional cost and rendered by consent.
~ I invite other persons who are engaged in the healing arts to work while I am tattooing: musicians, acupuncturists, massage therapists, energy weavers, etc. These appointments are made ready by request, availability, and consent from all involved.
~ Outdoor / ceremony / mystery tattoo by donation is offered / is given when it is applicable, safe, and conscious.
~ Numbing ointment is not provided at the studio. Client is expected to provide their own and have any surface area prepped before our appointment.
~ No tattoos for minors and no exceptions. You must be 18 and must provide identification. All persons are required to sign a conscientious waiver before receiving tattoo. 

~ For major session work (such as sleeves & back pieces), I charge $140 an hour (includes drawing / design time) or otherwise price by the piece (dependent on size / location / color: $80 is the minimum; $140 for a roughly hand-sized black outline with detail and no color; $280 for bigger black/grey outlining with detail and additional charges for color.) I can provide rough estimates before our session & I will work with you if you are on a budget. Touch-ups are free.
~ Please contact me (e-mail, phone, or over instagram) for any questions or inquiries and to schedule. All Questions are Welcome. Consultations are free and then a $80 non-refundable deposit is required to secure our appointment. This amount comes off the cost of the tattoo when you receive it. I accept cash, card, venmo, cash app or paypal.

Your tattoo will be wrapped with plastic when our session is complete. Leave the wrap on for 30-45 minutes or until you are able to safely clean it. Do not leave the wrap on overnight. After removing the plastic, wash your tattoo gently with warm water and soap and pat try. Let the tattoo breathe! It is especially vulnerable in the first two days so please be mindful of it: wear clean clothes and if you are in an intense work environment with a fresh tattoo then wrapping it with an ace bandage or a long sleeve to keep it protected is acceptable but only as needed. I recommend fragrant-free witch hazel & aquaphor (or A&D ointment) or a fragrant-free lotion for the remaining treatment. Often, I will make unique suggestions for you depending on how your skin receives the ink. Listen to your body and pay attention to your tattoo as it heals. If it scabs, do not pick at it. The skin will flake and sluff off the outer layer and naturally do its thing and so just let it be. No swimming and no submerging your fresh tattoo underwater for up to two weeks or until it is fully settled. Showers are perfectly fine. After your tattoo is healed, it is suggested that you keep your skin hydrated with lotion and applying sunscreen will protect the saturation and integrity of your tattoo in the long run. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. Accountability and clear communication is key. 

Sarah is an artist to the core. She has done hours of tattoo work on me and incorporated energy work as well during our last session. It is amazing how grounded, centered, and peaceful this made me feel during my last session! Her heart shows through in her work, and her energy is one of strength and balance. She kicks ass in so many ways.” [K. Decker, Worland, WY]

I’ve had three tattoo sessions done by Sarah and each one of them has been unique and meaningful. She puts so much of herself into her work and it shows; every time I’ve given her my trust in submitting my body as a canvas for her I’ve never regretted a second of it. Her work is purposeful and done with clear intent, and it is absolutely gorgeous to boot. She has helped me tell the story of my life through the explosion of creativity and beauty that comes flowing out of the tip of her tattoo needle, and as someone who is transgender that is not a sentiment I take lightly and it means the world and more to have come from her. She is a beautiful soul with a multitude of talents, one of which being that of a performer as well, and I’ve also been blessed in that regard to share the stage with her. She humbles me greatly, yet I always feel very much at ease around her and our interactions are full of mirth and levity. I cannot wait for the next time our paths happen to cross.” [V. Sheppard, Homer, AK]

tattoo offering forDamien Ray
in the presence of Poppotchaashe River
photography by Brandt Apiki