feel it all

beWilder is a wander, wondering ~ a poet, prosing ~ an instinct, intuiting ~ a devotion, loving ~ a witness, listening ~ an exploration, expressing ~ a reality, spiriting ~ a shape, shifting ~ a sketch, living ~ a nerd, needing ~ an advocation, activating ~ an awareness, shining ~ an accountability, rising ~ a drifter, roaming ~ a warrior, healing ~ a story, telling ~ a truth, saying ~ a sensitive, sensing ~ a breath, grounding ~ a calendar of rhythmic untiming ~ a deep heart knowing, a gut feeling ~ a source for wellsprings in revelations in relating ~ a rewilding, a (r)evolutioning ~ a bewildering, a spiral unwinding

I contribute to beWilder as an outlet for whatever wyld whim needs sharing. It is my dorky digital deep dive sketch diary. Raw and unpolished. Grammar advocates will grimace.
I am most interested in grazing the subjects of our nature and spirituality and exploring the nuanced places where these dimensions intersect & coexist and always have, particularly before and between and after the historical genocides of our own sensory intimacy with Land + Wilderness. This is where I can curate an emotional + intellectual mapping of how these  harmonize together through an evolving personal narrative.
Touching the nonhealed parts. Bridging a much needed understanding. Reclaiming belonging.
These are some of my favorite explorations to be had in this lifewind. I’m intrigued about the way everything transitions together, from the soils to the skies, and onward, beyond this.
I am attracted to the wilderness within and without us, of this earth, and share in my enthusiasm for it.

beWilder is hand-drawn / written through the Procreate program on iPad Pro and / or pen on paper. None of the content here is for monetary reproduction of any kind, but you are welcome to share it, or contact me spiralunwinding(at)gmail(dot)com to contribute any constructive feedback if something just doesn’t ring clear. The Archives features every current page listing for beWilder.

Beloved Appreciations;