Bewilder is a foraging of facts and feelings; a feral and fierce collection of interdependent narratives; as seen on scene and written in wayward rhythms to solve environmental riddles and empower emotive movements in our comprehension for deeper access to activism for our wilderness.
Bewilder is here to unravel the coddling tapestry woven from the outdated  belief systems that distort our ability to see and touch and feel our shared reality.
Bewilder is written, illustrated, and assembled entirely by my self, and although narrated through my own story, much of the material is conjured from collaborative insights. It is a gathering of profound care and inspired by fierce love.
Bewilder is here to cut through the bullshit, like a good knife – and if any reader treads upon a dulled edge while running through this narrative, I ask that you please e-mail me with thoughtful feedback and critique. It is my ambition to write with integrity, accuracy and for justice and to sharpen these affairs with precision. I also invite resources in references to the entries that are relevant to the topic. If you have a contribution of any kind –
You may contact me: spiralunwinding@gmail(.)com
in Empathy: Empowering. Educating. Engaging.
in Resilience: Reclaiming. Revitalizing. Regenerating.