Wear our sensitivity like Armour

Sensations are our tethers to our Nature

  • Aware + Awake. Consciousness is in the body, not just in the mind. Sensations are the threads that unite us to the land: the flora + the fauna. What we belong to. What made us and sustains us. Within us and Without us. Subtle communications that hum in our cells and translates through words like ‘vibes’ and ‘intuition’ – as all things communicate and radiate, these sensations thus resonate.
  • Protection + Action. Instead of being coddled in the illusion of emotional shame, we spin it around. Rewilding our grounding / collaborative tools to be more engaged with our surroundings: our environmental status. This is one and the same. Reinventing the symbols that catch us in wheels of self-fulfilling, ego-centric cycles of perpetual patterns, so that we can give ourselves boldly to the natural world within and around us. To resist the placement of only our kind and our ideas at the center of every circumstance. 
  • Mind + Heart harmonium. Develop an open path between the two. Neither should reign, but be symbiotic in their dual translations. In any exchange, we open ourselves to see that everyone we communicate with is shaped by their experiences, their traumas, their belief systems. Learn to witness them with/out these, in the wholeness of empathy, and in offering to the temple of their wellbeing, to their body; “how can we help each other to illuminate us?” whilst meanwhile holding our own boundaries through clear, concise communication. This takes practice. Speak for the feeling. This brings clarity to our behaviors and reactions.
  • Show Up + Speak Up. Before we internalize our judgements of others: seek the language to show them the way back to our nature of unity. Do not assume to know anything about anyone. Do not speak for them. Get the story from the source and be in consideration of it. Don’t ever trap any one or any thing in your labels or get snared in the baggage associated with separation. Always access the common ground for mutual growth. Strive to see them for what they are in the purity of that exchange. 
  • GET REAL + TO FEEL. Any person is bewildered by bullshit. They can’t even feel the truth anymore. They don’t even know it. Sufferings from a broken system: the painful prices of privilege. Division begins in the mind and severs the path of unity with our Body. Discomforts can be impetus for radical growth if we are brave to look at and feel them. Revolutions and revelations for evolutions and elevations. We build each other in our relate-abilities: united in our combined strengths but by our bullshit too.
  • Catch + Release. Acknowledge every one as if you just met them with the groundings of renewal. Allow growth to be revealed. Create and Delegate the Space for Emotional Expression and Acceptance, for your self and for others. Hold what is dear and relevant for nourishment. Let go of the rest. Fluidity prevents toxicity. We are all capable of toxicity just as much as anyone or anything. 
  • Receiving + Giving. In reflective participation of all dualities in nature (night and day, sun and moon, life and death) we reciprocate thus in the way we speak and how we act. We balance through reflecting and radiating. Following. Leading. Weaving. 
  • Be healing + Be Healer. Check in with the wisdom of our body: if we are not under any threat and have our primitive needs met, pull forward from this place of safety and security. A conversation should not destroy us. It can enhance our relationships. We are beholders. We can touch and collaborate with the exchanges of any circumstance.