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February 8th 2013
Just a pinch over a year for a new update - not bad, right? Thanks for keeping up with me.

There is a plethora of new pieces that have been added to the Artwork gallery, in every category, with a completely new section dedicated to 'The Kingdom' series. The Kingdom focuses on the microscopic cosmos that thrive and surge in our very soil, that eternal pulse of life that stimulates and recreates without our immediate focus or knowledge. It is the finely ebbing thread of energy that communicates all connections. It is, essentially, the spiral unwinding, and it is a series that I hope to continue to explore during the year of 2013.

Also, there are new pieces in Earthwork, Live Art, and plenty of new Tattoo pieces. You will even find the About page to be completely redone and re-written on a more personalized note. I am considering removing this update main page and having a splash page with some kind of flash graphic that cycles through a few select art pieces .. which is such an ambitious idea for me to consider. So fancy.

You will notice the big, glaring Facebook graphic to the left as well. I finally made a page for my art / the business, and I even reactivated my personal account. Whatever! It's just a website. Please feel free to add me on either, though I can't promise any frequent updates on the personal account.

That will do for now. Keep on keeping on. Silliness is Sacred. Plesae have lots of outrageous adventures.

+ Sarah

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