our mother’s mother womb

Honesty need not be shrouded in language of ‘brutality’ ~ 
the truth should not hurt, should not be a wounding
if you’re taught to see and feel clearly and guided through it for deeper understanding. 

I observe the word(s):
and how the worlds in this word(s) have become buried under hokey media fuckery. That the subtleties of communion with surroundings and alignment in strong sensitivity with embodiment of emotion and seeing and knowing and feeling the essence with/in all things is some sort of joke to those who denounce this connection because of politicized and capitalized baggage that we were / are fed. Confusing translations of the interpretations. There is far more to this than language can even transcribe. That the drive to over-analyze has become stronger and more damaging than just witnessing and being bewildered in the bigger mystery, and that these practices are ancient and timeless; pulling from a fathomless realm.

It’s all heart. Expression. Sometimes it’s impulsive and other times it’s very intentional. It’s bigger than any of that too.  Beloved are the stories of interventions from abstracted otherness. We openly and care-fully share stories and experiences and hold accountability to our own trespasses borne from separation and being raised in a social setting where controlling narrative / living in controlled narrative for behavioral performance / normalizing exploitation / punishment & shame as behavioral sculpturing / was preferred conditioned over honesty or just being ~

inconsiderations and insensitive
measures that were taught for adaptation and blending in ~
the internalizing result reaping turmoil on our body too ~
And all the impulses for dishonesty that spun from that
in reflection and projection of the dishonesty we were taught.
Carelessness, really, rather than honoring the art of great, fierce care, with every complex part of the spectrum that comes with deep feeling, deep loving: pleasure & joy and sorrow & rage too.

Keep Our House Clean
Care for what is within
to care for what is around

And always, always recognize 
that the better bridge is healing:
is forgiveness, is for understanding,
forgiveness without forgetting:
we learn boundaries,
we embody our self worth:
we learn, we move towards
to ward against evils
and build from our values
and not from our wounds:
the key, solving this riddle,
is to remember forward
and remember:
they mended with what they knew
Our mothers’ mothers’ mothers mother
passing through the mother womb