the architect

John Cage, an amateur mycologist and renowned composer, said: “I have come to the conclusion that much can be learned about music by devoting oneself to the mushroom” after his curious experiments of composing a musical number with the recording from a distilled, oscillating bio electric signal of a fungus eating a book. The composition of decomposition, as it were. Constant Feedback Loop is what I’d like to call it. Unrelated but still relative is the work of Stuart Hameroff, a consciousness scientist, who studies the treatment of cognitive disorders (like memory loss) with transcranial ultrasound vibrations after addressing that neuron microtubules resonate in megahertz.

(I persist to acknowledge that the the brain is a receiver, perhaps like fungal transmitter, a record keeper map and transferring codes for the body. Nonetheless: sound, frequency, it all distills into harmony.)

There’s a unifying thread here and it’s about the sound of change in musical resonance exchanges. Someone I know said ‘people don’t change’ and I think that is total bullshit. Beyond when crisis is a subjected occurrence – and conscience determination through nurturing, evolving with and for positive sensations and intentions – and a will with awareness – “how to change your mind” by Michael Pollan comes to mind as a reference too (regulated and respected psychedelic intervention and a need to decriminalize our nature and this is an evolution with the times: acknowledging where we are, and how to keep going); this sketch is a result of a series of conversations and thoughts about how to facilitate physical change through experience (and *especially* outside of internet swamps of information and the stupid school of thought that suggests that reality is an illusion ugh and I’m not referring to the understanding that material is energy and frequency intensified / personified / the spirit realm is a bigger and grander plane in the undercurrent of our existence; I’m talking about the hollow-graphic conclusion that life is meaningless) ~ and coming to recognize the necessity of spiritual (weaving connection) guidance through music and ceremony right NOW for however that artistic expression is personified through a culture / interdependent designation.

It’s all art. It’s all expression. You may be overthinking it. Getting all those concepts caught as neuro pathways in your brain and hard wired. Recording what your body is taught to shut off to.

Critical links in need of repair to assist in real internal transitions to reflect in atunement with the outer environment & its changes. Our definings are limited (comparing it to / think about / the oral factory genius and worldview of a dog).

This drawing ~ the Architect ~ is a meditative attempt to visually emphasize the ‘anatomy’ and feeling of a harmonic medicine-mapping of a mushroom: appropriately allegorical as a patron representative for the past —> (current) future times.

Move into the rhythms of the Land.