Apologies not accepted. Only changes in behavior.

Show up.
Show up.
Show up.

Come back.
Come back.
Come back.

Only raw, fearless, accountability permitted.
Efforts of reparations.

Emotions: powerful, revealing, threading things
like reckless entities
Teachers indeed
but hold fast ~ get a grip!
Harness those waters
Take command of this ship!

Witness your fragility:
listen deep to that need
and then hold it close
mend it, take heed;

then break it.

I write this not to feed the emphasis of what is known to be the root of so many ills:
It is not trauma drama ~

but to build the courage to face this:
full on, as they are, and especially ~
if you are privileged, if you benefit from this system
Know what it took to pamper the periphery
Know what it takes to uphold the tension of your own internal battlefields
Guilt and shame echoed down the generations
ghost still untethered and unheard
and the only way to solve it
is to bravely face it
and for most of us ~ a minor discomfort of acknowledgement
over a life and way of being discouraged and destroyed
marginalized by our sedentary sentiments
for so many others who still suffer from the war torn territory

We are raised to fear conflict:
Conflict is natural, consider it a necessity
And with strategy, with awareness
With heart, with empathy
And without laying down
what is felt in the gut to be true
at the roots of hearth:
the very stuff that made you.

Wear your sensitivity like armor!
The gift that it is
Should be used
to protect yourself
Protect Others
and Defend the Sacred

drop the facades that they made you in

because they will take and take and take
and take and take and take
and break off pieces
until there is nothing left

(injustices against the land are injustices against our bodies)

Raised to be pacified and desensitized to these events
to ourselves, to each other
and silence feeds this violence.

Dissent from this dissonance.

Remember. Do not forget.

Sing it loud
again and again and again

and pray deeply, surely
not to escape, not to disguise
but to rise, to enhance
to praise purely, focus, expand
reach out, touch source
mystery and mystify



be wilder