Upon uncharted territory we go:
But when was the future ever really known?
Misled under false security
Charts and measurements and linear thinking
Cultivated under an unsustainable code,
a system that is failing
a gradual, slow, descent / dissent
let it go, let it return, let it die

it was always so precarious
never built to last, eating itself
(recall: our naming the loophole)

look around:
as one tips over, the other sprouts:
and what are you imagining?
what are you reaching for
as we lean into this mystery?

often, change is never what it seems
or what we think it is, how we were
formed to consider it consciously

We are Stronger than We were Made to Believe.
Shape our Fragility into a Fortress.
Wear our Sensitivity like Armor.

Get our grassroots planted. 

Day by Day
and ready
for any