(re)new the narrative

Hold Fast
we move
to transform
and transfer
from ashes
we rise
to transfer
and transform

Liberating the pressures on social classes and amplifying the voices of those oppressed and suppressed from systemic / supremacist inequalities opens the path for environmental inclusion, access, and healing –
that nurturing the relationship with our environment is part of our health care: part of our work to protect our future and sustain balance on this earth and with each other and with our flora + fauna relatives.

opens the path for all hands back to our land
opens access for stronger protection of wild life and wilderness

in 1964, congress passed the Wilderness Act and the Civil Rights Act.

These relationships are interconnected and crucial to reclaim for the vitality of All.

The regeneration of these guidances are imperative for weaving into a renewal narrative ~

and must include the valuable + critical collaborative insights, efforts, and ancestral perspectives of those who know the land in their blood: the normal memory of environmental intimacy.

Nurture Our Nature
is the harmonium pulse of this path
back to our collective participation
in the protection of our wilderness
back to the hands of those who have woven their relationships
in rhythm with the place that made them