change, change the only constant is change
and we know this well, feel that evolving is a recycling
but what a disservice that would be, what a backwards momentum, dwelling only in the judgements of a past tense
What a further disservice it would be from acknowledging the grit of growth ~

That the process is not always clean, tidy
that we are collaborative reflectors of the times
catch and release
and all of the content loops in on itself, expands outward when it revisits itself, becomes dimensional in the tributary capillaries of this navigation:
witness the scattering as honest to the multitudes of passages inherent to movement out of stagnancy. 

The journey from the internal to the external place of standing
within the altar of this body, on the kingdom of this earth, at the temple of being alive a living being
(untangling the knot work of dissociative behavior re-enactments)
witnessing, fully experiencing, boldly immersing
and that it is a practice outside of the content that is translated to share.

as waxing and waning as a moon
but as constant as the orbit, the consistent trajectory
Our stewardship of heart and words are changing and ensuring the delivery at the place where we are rooting, in balancing

and is worth every passing of a phase, every re-turn of a season
this right here is at the cusp of purpose and reason


in self-nurturing, to give back, come back

in open reception of our surroundings,
all things push and pull and influence

choice choosing
in all things give and take
reflect, participate

to move with us
environmental harmonium